“He did good things, Hitler was his fan”


Fausto Leali risks being disqualified from Big Brother Vip. The 75-year-old interpreter of “I miss you” was the protagonist of a real praise to Benito Mussolini while he was speaking with Patrizia de Blanck, Pierpaolo Petrelli, Enock Barwuah and Massimiliano Morra. “If you do nine good things and one bad you will be remembered for the bad one. Take for example Mussolini did things for humanity, he made pensions… but then he went with Hitler. Who was a fan of Mussolini ». The director immediately took off the shot, but on Twitter the controversy immediately exploded with the request for disqualification.

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Prince Harry celebrated his 36 years away, for the first time, from the royal family: his brother, grandparents and father still wished the Duke of Sussex via social media, choosing very evocative images.

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Fausto Leali: I go to the Gf for money

Fausto Leali told in a recent interview with Libero because he accepted the invitation of Alfonso Signorini to participate in the Big Brother Vip: «I was made a polite proposal – he said – but I also did the math because the concerts before 2021 will not resume. Having no commitments, I accepted ». In short, mainly economic reasons in a very difficult time for artists from all over Italy. Fausto Leali was born in Nuvolento, in the province of Brescia, on October 29, 1944. He is the Italian singer with a “black” voice for the power and clarity of his timbre.

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