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Francesco Fredella

Amedeo has already betrayed Sofia. He is immediately first comparison bonfire a Temptation Island. Sofia and Amedeo are engaged for 11 years. They participate in the program because she no longer feels loved and wanted. According to his girlfriend, Amedeo neglects her and no longer gives her the attention he once did. A year and a half ago the crisis. Sofia finds a love letter dedicated to another woman on her partner’s bedside table. Amedeo justifies himself by telling her that that letter was only a favor to a friend who had asked him for help in writing words of love for his beloved. Sofia decided to believe him and forgive him. What Sofia doesn’t know, however, is that in the past her boyfriend actually cheated on her and decided to confess everything to the production of Temptation Island. Amedeo has promised that only when the game starts will he confess everything to his partner.

Temptation Island, the horns know no season. All the couples in the race: crisis around the corner

As soon as she arrives in the village, Sofia is immediately called to the pinnettu. Here he will see a video of Amedeo who, speaking with the other boyfriends, will let the betrayal escape. According to Nello, he cannot admit that he has betrayed his partner: “You can’t tell him amo I put the horns on you!“, According to the other boyfriends, however, he must confess and tell the truth. Sofia bursts into tears: “I’ve always put myself in the background” and asks for the confrontation bonfire because now he knows what to do and was only waiting for the confirmation of the alleged betrayal. Amedeo, face to face with Sofia, admits everything: “I’m so sorry, I made a mistake. I don’t know if it’s habit or love! “. The girlfriend, on the contrary, claims to have always known that her partner had cheated on her but that she loves him too much and is willing to start over:” I’m here and I want to start over “. Alessia Marcuzzi: “Amedeo but do you love her?”, He replies that he has the Magone but that he doesn’t know it because during the program he didn’t have the opportunity to understand it. Sofia tries to convince the mate she claims to be – too! – angry with his girlfriend because she didn’t give him a chance to continue the program to understand his feelings. He, even a little annoyed and not so happy, shakes his partner’s hand and they leave the program together.

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