Huskies fleeing home in Garkalne bite three dogs – in Latvia – News


Alina says that the Basque family’s pet has been found asleep. “Everything is torn open, his breasts and throat are torn,” says Alina. After watching the video surveillance camera, she realized that the dog had been bitten by two huskies lost in the yard.

He managed to find Husky hosts through social networks. The hostess responded and admitted that her two dogs had run away from home that day.

Ten days later, a double accident hit a family in Upesciems, whose owner found two Yorkshire Terriers bitten.

Both families have spoken to the alleged perpetrators of the husky; she regrets what happened and claims that the dogs will no longer be able to escape, and both will be taken to the dog handler.

Marek Samohvalov, the head of the FVS North Pieriga administration, indicated that if these situations were proven, the FVS would talk to dog owners.

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