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La hairdresser in her sixties, whom we will call Manon to protect her identity, told the Soleil the hard times she has lived since she learned that she had infected elderly people and that she was scratched by Minister Dube, who then recanted.

“From this time on, everyone hits me,” said Manon. I’m trying to survive through it all, because I’m saved from COVID. But it is more what will be said that hurts ”.

Manon says she started to feel feverish during the morning of Thursday, September 3, when she was at her hair salon with clients (who were ultimately not infected). She says she closed the salon as soon as the fever first appeared, then learned when she arrived home that she might have been infected with COVID-19.

It was during a couple’s therapy session that Manon was allegedly infected by the psychotherapist. Manon states that the worker called her herself and that she received the same information from public health who did not comment on the file.

Manon says that she went to be tested on Friday September 4, then that she received a positive result on Saturday September 5. She then said to have respected the isolation prescribed by public health.

Fever and body aches aside, Manon says she hasn’t been too badly handled by COVID. She says she was further upset when the owner of one of the retirement homes she passed by called her to reprimand her.

“I understand that she must have been very upset and in great pain,” said Manon. She called me to give me her opinion that I was not much. Worse, she said: “I have proof that you didn’t put on the mask, and I have proof that you walked around without a mask”. It never ended, so I said: ‘if it makes you happy, hit me on the head, I can’t do anything else’. ”

Manon assures us that she was asymptomatic when she went to the accommodation settings concerned. She swears she has worn the mask well with the elders she has been wearing for years. “If you only knew how I played by the rules,” she said, her voice tight. I never, ever wanted to infect people like that ”.

A call from the minister

Manon explains having felt a deep injustice when the Minister of Health, Christian Dube, erroneously declared Tuesday at a press conference that the hairdresser “knew she was contagious”, describing this situation as “unacceptable”. Later that day, Mr. Dube retracted on Twitter, stating “that she was contagious, without knowing it”.

Wednesday morning, when The sun spoke to her, Manon said she wanted Minister Dube to call her to apologize. “I wish he understood that I caught him [le virus] from someone else and that I didn’t want to do this for anyone, ”she says.

On Wednesday afternoon, Minister Dube’s press secretary, Marjaurie Côte-Boileau, said “that Mr. Dube personally called the lady in question today to take news of her state of health and clarify the situation with of her ”.

Monday, the public health director of Chaudiere-Appalaches, Dre Liliana Romero, had confirmed that a hairdresser was at the origin of the transmission of the virus in three living environments for seniors in Thetford Mines.

Spokeswoman for the Chaudiere-Appalaches Integrated Health and Social Services Center, Maryse Rodrigue refused on Wednesday to confirm or deny “if the lady wore the mask. The investigation is confidential, ”she wrote to Soleil.

“An epidemiological investigation is always based on what people say and there is always a part of subjectivity in the person being investigated, underlines Mme Rodrigue. The purpose of the investigations is not to blame the person who tested positive, but to contain the transmission of COVID-19 as quickly as possible. ”

On Wednesday, the virus had reached 25 residents and 10 workers at the Le Crystal accommodation resource, one at the CHSLD Saint-Alexandre and one at the private seniors’ residence (RPA) Les Jardins St-Alphonse, where the coronavirus also made a dead. There were no new cases Wednesday in these three accommodation settings.

“A nightmare”

The director of Jardins St-Alphonse, Josee Fortin, did not want to comment on the precautions taken by the hairdresser in the residence. “I have a hard time knowing exactly,” she said. We’ve been living a nightmare since September 5th. I probably don’t have the right information. […] It’s just hearsay ”.

At the moment, underlines Mme Fortin, the residence is going through a very trying period. The employees will carry the meals in the rooms dressed in full equipment: jackets, gowns, masks, visors, gloves. And the residents live this period “with a lot of emotions, they just lost one of their own,” says the director, who has worked almost non-stop for 12 days, barely sleeping.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the 91-year-old resident who died of COVID-19 was in direct contact with the hairdresser. He was in good health until he contracted the virus. He developed symptoms overnight from Saturday to Sunday and died on Monday.

For her part, Manon is now cured of COVID and says she was allowed to come out of her isolation on Sunday. But she is struggling to resume her normal life.

“I’ve been on antidepressants for a week,” says Manon. I have trouble functioning as it is not possible. […] The stories of COVID do not cause me any health problem. Rather, it’s the rest that kills me, that eats me up inside. […] I am demolished ”. With Olivier Bosse

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