“I created a monster!”


Last night on the show « Correspondent », Tony Fadell, the daddy of theiPod and co-creator ofiPhone, once again took a hard look at her second baby! For a good cause, he also shares a domestic anecdote, his own wife reproaching him foraddiction from their children to their small screen (« it’s all your fault! »). His intervention lasts only a few minutes (and it is to be placed in the show), the time for the engineer to go back to 2010. Indeed, it is not in the first years of theiPhone that he realized the magnitude of the phenomenon but truly with the emergence and exponential development of applications. Materially, he describes this awareness with these « notifications that were starting to appear » on the screen, making every user a slave to these constant reminders.

He specifies that he continued « to talk with people », but the same is not true for many users « who spend their time in front of their screen, while we were talking to them! ». In one very mediately correct speech, he wants theiPhone be well used. « It destroys families or all of society. People have to take back control. We must fight together to fight the beast ».

For those who follow Apple news, these words are hardly new since the engineer has been most critical in recent years on the time spent on the screen and parental control (see in particular here). Already in 2018, the former SVP of the iPod Division called on Cupertino to find a way to fight against addiction toiPhone. He was asking tech companies (Apple in particular) to find ways to make it happen.


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