In response to a report from the population, a man is being detained for drug possession in Kuldiga – Criminal News – News


In the Kuldīga section of the Kurzeme Regional Office of the State Police, information was received from the residents that a man may be possessing drugs. Officials of the Criminal Police Department of the Kuldīga district, in response to receiving information, went to the man’s place of residence last weekend, where the saying of the Kuldīga residents was confirmed – the man kept drugs, possibly marijuana, in his place of residence.

17 packs of greenish-brown herbal substance were removed from the man’s residence. The substances currently removed have been sent for examination to determine the composition and quantity of the substances. Scales and a plant shredder were also removed from the man’s residence.

The State Police has launched criminal proceedings for possession of drugs without the intention of carrying them out. According to the Criminal Law, such a crime is punishable by up to three years’ imprisonment or temporary imprisonment, or forced labor, or a fine, and probation supervision for up to three years. Pre-trial investigation continues in criminal proceedings.

The State Police obtains information about persons who purchase, sell or store illegal cigarettes, psychotropic and narcotic substances, as well as alcohol as a result of operational activities, but often, as in this case, the State Police receives information about the illegal activities of a citizen from the population, for which law enforcement is grateful and calls for further reporting of this type of violation.

Law enforcement officers remind that you can report by phone 110, as well as by calling the VP’s helpline 67075444 (this is an answering machine, therefore the information must be precisely defined), or by writing to e-mail [email protected]

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