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Summer is now over and it’s time to find out about the autumn trends that will become very popular in the coming months. To give a “style lesson” in terms of hair recently was Bianca Guaccero who, as soon as she returned from vacation, paid a visit to the hairdresser. He shortened the hair, moving to a helmet very glamorous, and eliminated the lighter tips in shades of gold, moving to a uniform color, the very dark brown. In doing so, he launched the hair look to have in theautumn 2020: in the coming weeks there will be many who will not be able to do without his own extra smooth au pair long bob.

The trendiest cut of autumn 2020

The equal helmet, or the bob all of the same length, it is the trendiest cut of autumn 2020, among the first to launch the fashion there was the very Italian Bianca Guaccero. It is a simple, neat, clean hairstyle that can be worn in the most varied ways, from the central row to the side tuft, up to the fringe. The ideal is to opt for a smooth fold, perhaps also adding 90s-style accessories such as headbands and hair pins, real must-haves for several months. Alternatively, however, you can also add cheeky waves that will make the hair look cooler and more rock.

Who is an au pair bob good for?

Even if it’s a trendy cut, the bob doesn’t suit everyone. Before visiting the hairdresser, it would be good to analyze the shape of the face and the quality of the hair, so as to avoid mistakes that you regret. The bob is perfect for those with extra smooth and double hair, in this case you can opt for the equal version of Bianca Guaccero, while if the hair is thin and brittle, it would be better to add a layering or a side tuft. The even cut, on the other hand, is to be avoided if you have fluffy curls as it would tend to emphasize the frizz effect. If you really can’t give up the trendy hairstyle, it would be better to keep the length under the chin and climb the entire hair. As for the shape of the face, the helmet is not recommended for round or square faces, while in all other cases you can let your creativity run free.

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