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Competitive remuneration and wide career opportunities in the field of IT not only in Latvia, but also abroad are not a myth, but a reality. In addition, the IT industry requires professionals with higher education and practical skills. The data of the 2020 programmer survey confirms that 83% of the representatives of the IT industry are satisfied with their work and are not looking for anything else.

46.2% of IT professionals have a bachelor’s degree and 22.8% a master’s degree

Stack Overflow is the largest online community for aspiring and existing programmers. In 2020, 65,000 respondents took part in the survey organized by the Community, of which 400 representatives of the IT industry from Latvia. The survey showed that 46.2% of IT professionals have a bachelor’s degree and 22.8% a master’s degree.

Compared to 2019, the number of bachelors has increased by 0.9%, but the number of masters – by 0.1%. The industry continues to demand knowledgeable and professional specialists, and higher education provides additional competencies and promotes competitiveness.

Opportunity to learn the most popular programming languages

The survey also highlights the most popular and popular programming languages, such as “Java”, “Python” and “C #”. It is also possible to learn other programming languages ​​within the study, however, the three mentioned are taught in depth, taking into account the industry’s demand for them.

High pay is not a myth

The more programming languages ​​are learned, the greater the opportunities in the labor market and, of course, the more competitive the salary. The survey also shows the correlation between programming languages ​​and pay, for example, programmers running Python pay an average of $ 59,000 a year, Java $ 50,000 a year, and so on. Although the salary in Latvia differs slightly from the world average, the salary of a programmer with three or four years of experience is very competitive.

Application of artificial intelligence

More than 92% of developers worldwide are employed (including part-time), while 12% are students. This once again confirms that studies in the IT industry are easily combined with work. In addition, the specifics of the IT industry in Latvia and the high demand for employees mean that many students start full-time work already during their studies, even after the 1st year of studies.

The labor market requires programmers who speak all the most demanded programming languages, as well as programming engineers who have also mastered the application of artificial intelligence in practice, for example, in programming chatbots.

High job satisfaction

83% of the surveyed representatives of the IT industry admit that they are satisfied with their work and are not looking for anything else. In my opinion, this is an important and significant indicator. IT industry education paves the way for a growing industry where professionals are in demand and adequately remunerated.

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