Loredana Berte and her particular high school uniform: “I went in a miniskirt”


Loredana Berte sends fans into a frenzy, posting a photo of her as a teenager on Instagram. From a young age, the singer was a rebel and nonconformist, as evidenced by the very short skirt she shows off in the shot. “I went to high school with a miniskirt and 2 brushes in my pocket. When I was riding my bike, the cars collided because the drivers turned to look at me. At the time the miniskirt was considered scandalous but I made it my FEMALE EMANCIPATION UNIFORM ”he writes in the caption accompanying the photo. And over the years, Loredana has never abandoned the miniskirt. Even today, on the threshold of 70 years, the singer wears it with ease: with the legs that she finds, it would be a real shame to hide them! Photo: Kikapress
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