Martin Vizcarra | Public Ministry affirms that Jose Domingo Perez Gomez did not intervene in investigations of the president when he was a prosecutor in Moquegua


He Public ministry released this Wednesday a series of resolutions that accredit that the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez He served as a provincial prosecutor in Moquegua when the current president of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra, he was not governor of that region.

In these resolutions it is appreciated that Perez Gomez He was appointed provincial prosecutor of the Judicial District of Moquegua on March 26, 2008, a function he fulfilled until January 14, 2011. In that year his appointment was terminated and he returned to his post as chief prosecutor of Lima, by order of the the Office of the Attorney General.

As you know, Martin Vizcarra Cornejo He served as regional president of Moquegua between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2014.

Through his Twitter account, the Prosecutor made this clarification “before the diffusion of audios with false contents that mention the incumbent provincial anti-corruption prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez Gomez, of the Lava Jato Special Team “.

“In this way it is proven that, in the years in which the prosecutor Perez Gomez He served as a provincial prosecutor of Moquegua, the current president of the Republic was not a regional governor, therefore, it is impossible that he has intervened in complaints about his public management“, asserted the Public Ministry.

This information had been advanced by himself Jose Perez Gomez in an interview with the program Nothing is said of RPP. The prosecutor rejected the content of the broadcast audios in which Karem Roca, former administrative assistant of the Government Palace, mentions an alleged coordination between him and relatives of the president Vizcarra.

“It is impossible that he could have investigated the former governor Martin Vizcarra, because when I developed as a Moquegua prosecutor, he did not have any public position (…) That information that Martin Vizcarra brought me seems absurd and ridiculous“, remarked the prosecutor.

“When that false information fell out, which was released lately, as if I had benefited Martin Vizcarra in said investigation (in reference to ‘Moqueguazo), they brought up the ‘Chincheros’ case. I received the complaint from the attorney Amado Enco against Martin Vizcarra in his capacity as Minister of Transport and Communications and other plurality of people, but my competence prevented me from investigating any Minister of State and, therefore, the first act I carried out upon receiving that complaint was to refer it to the Attorney General’s Office as established by law, “he added in the interview.

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