Nine people hit in a collision in Montreal-North


Nine people were struck Wednesday afternoon by a motorist, during two successive collisions in the borough of Montreal-North. A large police perimeter was erected in the area and an investigation was opened.

Henri Ouellette-Vézina
Henri Ouellette-Vezina

The first calls were made to 911 a little before 1 p.m. The driver, a 38-year-old man, first collided with a first pedestrian at the corner of Boulevard Langelier and Rue de Dijon, after a bend.

“He then allegedly left the scene in a hurry, and continued to drive without necessarily going at high speed.” At the height of Avenue Valade, he allegedly hit eight other people. We are talking about six adults and two children, who were already on the sidewalk, ”said Emmanuel Couture, a spokesman for the City of Montreal Police Service (SPVM).

A total of nine people were therefore struck. The Chevrolet car’s windshield was visibly damaged, as was the left mirror, which appears to have been shattered on impact.


Note that several collision investigators were deployed to the scene in order to analyze the scene.

Several people were transported to nearby hospitals in the middle of the afternoon. According to Mr. Couture, however, no one would be in danger of death. “For us, it’s a relief. We are still talking about several injuries, some minor, others more serious, ”he says.

The suspect was arrested. He will meet with investigators in the next few hours, if his health permits. In particular, the SPVM will try to determine his state of mind at the time of the collision. “We are not talking for the moment of a deliberate or voluntary gesture, but we will seek to know if he was in contact with reality, if he was in a state of crisis, if he knew what he was doing. did, ”says the public relations officer. According to him, the man in his thirties seemed to say the least “confused” at the time of his arrest.

Nothing leads the police to believe, so far, that alcohol or drugs would be involved in this incident. At the passage of PressOn Wednesday, several collision investigators were on the scene to analyze the scene. The rue de Dijon was closed between the boulevards Langelier and Rolland. Citizens quickly gathered around the police lines, all curious to know what had happened.

To shed light on this case, investigators will meet with witnesses who may have seen the scene from their home, but also members of the suspect’s family. They will also check whether video cameras were able to film the scene. A mechanical inspection of the vehicle will finally be carried out. “There is still a lot of investigative work to do,” illustrates Emmanuel Couture.

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