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The secret / MAURICIO

Advances bet de The secret of Thursday 17 September 2020:

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Urrutia, with the help of Encarnacion, answers Carolinas questions without betraying the secret that she was unintentionally revealing.

Marta accompanied Mauricio to visit the poor of Puente Viejo. The girl thus becomes aware of the true values ​​of life and commits herself to work to help those most in need.

Rosa takes the news badly that Adolfo will not have dinner with her on Christmas Eve.

Tomas, Inigo and Adolfo Cenano go to Havana.

Matias asks Marcela for forgiveness for all the mistakes made so far.

Tiburcio, in a dream, sees his great friend Meliton again: the two sing Christmas carols once again.

Ignacio tries to contact his wife in Austria.

At midnight, all of Puente Viejo meets in the square for Christmas greetings …

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