Politics: Edgar Alarcon confirms that advisers to the Audit Commission are


Edgar Alarcon, president of the Control Commission, confirmed this Wednesday that advisers of said working group approached the homes of those involved in the investigation for the hires of singer-songwriter Richard Cisneros, artistically known as ‘Richard Swing’, and noted that they did it to verify places of residence.

At the beginning of the session this morning, Alarcon indicated that “None of the investigated lives in their registered address before the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status” (Reniec) and for that reason a check was made. He asked the parliamentarians to “have confidence” in the technical team that accompanies him “and specified that the case report” is almost ready. “

All those involved in this investigation, we have entered the Reniec, they no longer live in their registered addresses. So the advisers who work in this commission have had to resort to Facebook and other means. In the end we have arrived at their address and that makes this type of coordination be done because no one lives in their registered address. That’s why they have come closer”, Maintained the legislator.

I ask you to trust the technical team that accompanies me. The report is practically closed. This is not a job by Alarcon alone, it is a team effort that has been developed in the last 90 days“, he pointed.

Edgar Alarcon

Last Friday, Richard Cisneros indicated that in dialogue with the press that the advisers of the Audit Commission, Luis Palomino, Maria Urday and Rosa Huidoro came to his house “irregulary” and “between roosters and midnight”.

At another time, Edgar Alarcon apologized to the working group if “there has been a slip” with his statements about the process within the commission and indicated that he will submit to the vote of in a reserved session the possibility of expanding the investigation for contracting to Richard Cisneros to recall those involved and clarify the visits of the advisers.

If there has been a slip or some detail I will clarify it and if it is the case I hope to be delivering the report at a press conference. We will see the details of the report in a reserved session in the afternoon”, He declared.

In the afternoon session we will be able to see if we close up to where we have or suddenly we extend two or three more weeks and we recall those involved who have lied to us, why they did it, and we even have other elements. We can summon the advisers of the commission to explain to us the visits they made to the houses, so that everything is recorded and transparent for all”He added.


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