Politics: Martin Vizcarra: Richard “Swing” confirms that he visited Palacio d


The singer Richard Cisneros affirmed that he entered the Government Palace five times and that he “only greeted” President Martin Vizcarra twice, but that he never met him in the Presidential Office.

In an interview with Canal N, Cisneros assured that his meetings with President Martin Vizcarra were occasional and that they occurred at the suggestion of Karem Roca, former assistant to the Presidential Office, during a tour of the Government Palace.

“At no time have I met with him (Martin Vizcarra), I have only greeted him, because Karem (Roca) took me and walked me through the entire Palace and I was waiting a while, because I even understand that the president was busy” , he expressed.

Along these lines, he pointed out that the images that show him in the Government Palace were taken by Karem Roca during the aforementioned visits and that only in one photo did they ask a military man for help to take the image.

Regarding his visits to the Government Palace, Cisneros indicated that he went to talk with the then Secretary General of the Government Palace, Miriam Morales, with the former assistant of the Presidential Office, Karem Roca, and with Maximo San Roman, who was an advisor to former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

In the two remaining opportunities, he said, it was to witness the swearing-in of the cabinet led by Cesar Villanueva and for a cocktail held in the Golden Room of the Government Palace.

In addition, Cisneros assured that his visits to Miriam Morales and Karem Roca were for work reasons, since he wanted to be part of the political marketing team and enter the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD).

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