Resumption of 92,000 postponed surgeries: “mission impossible”, according to the FMSQ


The resumption of the 92,000 surgeries postponed due to the first wave of COVID-19 is a “mission impossible”, according to the Federation of medical specialists.

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Due to the shortage of healthcare workers and the rise in people infected with the coronavirus, the list of delayed operations will continue to grow. Talks between the Legault government and specialists do not bode well for Quebecers who are worried about seeing their surgery postponed.

“We are in fact in discussions with the Ministry of Health and Social Services in order to develop solutions to make up for pending surgeries. But with nurses leaving the network in large numbers and the virus that is there, the resumption of surgical activities will be an impossible mission, ”argued the president of medical specialists, Diane Francoeur, in a statement sent to our parliamentary office. The latter was not available for an interview.

Despite a lull in the epidemic during the summer, the waiting list for surgery continued to swell. And the second wave of COVID-19 infections is forcing hospitals to cancel operations again. There are currently service disruptions in several hospitals in Quebec.

Radio-Canada revealed Tuesday that at least 1,700 nurses quit their jobs between mid-March and August.

Hounded by Liberal MP Marie Montpetit, the Minister of Health assured Tuesday that the resumption of surgical activities is “one of our major concerns after the first wave”. Christian Dube, however, acknowledged that the lack of personnel and the resumption of the epidemic complicate the task.

“We have a very clear plan with the FMSQ, with our ministry, but we must have nurses to fill our rooms,” insisted the minister.

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