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RN: Marine Le Pen, her majesty of doubts


Many have paid to find out: you don’t bury a Le Pen with impunity. In nearly fifty years, the former National Front has known only two presidents, as often defeated in the race for power as resilient in adversity. Predicting their downfall is a risky bet; trying to speed up the process, a dangerous adventure. The candidates, despite everything, have never failed. Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election? “It is the assurance for Macron to be reelected”, has just prophesied the mayor of Beziers, Robert Menard. Supported by the RN, the former boss of Reporters Without Borders is also one of the first critics of its president, whom he considers to have reached his level of incompetence. As for the party, “Whoever watches its operation” must see his «contraction» intellectual, his rejection of all internal diversity: this judgment is signed by Marion Marechal. Never before has the former MP, who has been removed from the electoral scene since 2017, so frankly attacked her aunt.

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