Romina Power and Leonardo DiCaprio together? It’s all true


Romina Power joined Leonardo DiCaprio and was able to share a very important message with him: it’s all true.

Romina Power and Leonardo DiCaprio

Romina Power has always been one of the most famous personalities in the world of music (and entertainment in general) who has always fought for the rights and equality of all people in the world, without any kind of hatred, discrimination or equality.

“Help”, in this long and continuous battle for the awareness of all people, arrives from another great man in the world of cinema who, like her for music, has done great things in that sector, in which she has a truly enormous influence.

We are in fact talking about Leonardo DiCaprio, who published a beautiful post on Instagram that immediately, promptly, Albanos wife shared again making it go viral. The message, in this sense, is very clear: no more hate.

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Romina Power and Leonardo DiCaprio united: “Enough hate”

Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo Dicaprio

Here is the beautiful post by Leonardo DiCaprio which was also shared on the official profile of the American singer, former wife of Albano Carrisi: a very important message that the two wanted to run on the web together.

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A very important union for two people who have proven several times to be very close to social causes such as discrimination and many others, such as safeguarding the planet, the environment and many others in which they have always been at the forefront.

“Stop hate” and this is definitely a very important message for all his fans and follower in the hope that all these events of racism that unfortunately happen every day all over the world may one day end.

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