SERENA and FILIPPO in the hospital, why?


Serena (Miriam Candurro) – A place in the sun anticipations

Important week for Serena (Miriam Candurro) e Filippo (Michelangelo Tommaso) of A Place in the Sun. In fact, the long-awaited hearing for the separation is staged, to which the two will arrive accompanied by a great emotional tension.

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We already know that, also due to the classroom attitude of Beatrice Lucenti (Marina Crialesi), Serena will come out humiliated by all this and will be forced to “a painful step“, Which in all likelihood will be to leave the little one Irene (Greta Putaturo) a Filippo.

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But it doesn’t stop there. As we have already had the opportunity to point out, a new chapter is now opening for Cirillo: the woman will want to verify the veracity of “a sensation” and, having obtained the result of the (pregnancy?) Test, will feel the need to confide in Giulia (Marina Tagliaferri) her deepest feelings, all this while Leonardo (Erik Tonelli) will seek a confrontation with her.

Serena / A place in the sun (Instagram)
Serena / A place in the sun (Instagram)

In short, the impression is that there is an important plot coming up, also because we record a very recent story on Instagram which concerns scenes that are being shot these days (and that we will see in late autumn).

The story, as you can see, tickles our curiosity with a not bad quiz-spoiler: “because Filippo and Serena are in the hospital“? Yeah… why?

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