Star Citizen: The news of the week from August 31 to September 06, 2020


Star Citizen: The news of the week from August 31 to September 06, 2020



To keep up with Star Citizen news and the development of your Star Citizen Millennium portal, we prepare a weekly recap of everything that has happened in the past seven days. This way, you are sure not to miss a thing!

This week’s Star Citizen news is marked by changes in patch 3.11. Following the last reviews, several items have been added, others have been moved.

Official news

Inside Star Citizen

This Thursday show shows us the grenade launcher in action, which is presented as a versatile and effective weapon. We can also discover a Sprint Report showing the improvements made to the landscapes, as well as the state of progress of the docking between a ship and a station.

This week in Inside Star Citizen, we are shown the future and first grenade launcher of the game in detail. This will be available in patch 3.11. Secondly, we are offered a summary of the main points of the August sprint report.

Project progress

Update of the roadmap

The roadmap received a few changes this week. Patch 3.11 is in its final days of development before switching to Evocati, which is why developers are reviewing the various works to validate what can and cannot pass.

Every week, Cloud Imperium updates the Star Citizen Roadmap. Using the visuals prepared by Odysseus, let’s take stock of what has changed since last week.

August Monthly Report

From the monthly report for the month of August, we retain:

  • The skill of non-playing characters and the speed of the target will be taken into account for their accuracy.
  • The Pyro system is progressing well, with Pyro VI in the whitebox phase and the Pyro V moons in production.
  • The preparation of the server meshing continues by several teams.
  • Implementation of physical grids based on Signed Distance Field technology.
  • End of the conversion of the screens from the persistent universe to Building Blocks.
  • The transporter gameplay will be improved.
  • The reputation system is going to be extensive and persistent.
  • Information on the parking shed number will be given.

A monthly report delivered on the first Wednesday of the month, as usual. The Star Citizen development teams are focused on producing the functionality for patch 3.11.

Guides gameplay

We offer you a guide to a profession that is not yet implemented but for which it is already possible to do in-game things or to familiarize yourself with the concepts.

Exploration is THE most anticipated gameplay by Star Citizen players. If for the moment, this component does not exist strictly speaking, it is still possible to learn about space and terrestrial exploration, in order to have a view on what the search for POIs could be.

Today’s matches live

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