“Tell me, why don’t you and Ferragni talk about cocaine?” – Free Daily


Frecciatine poison those that in recent days have exchanged the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni and the couple Chiara Ferragni-Fedez. The controversy, which revolves around the drug theme, arose from a post by the fashion blogger about the murder of Willy Monteiro, who accused that “behind such facts there is a fascist culture”.

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At that point the Meloni, as reported by Time, said the rapper and his wife “are light years away from any culture. I exclude that they have ever read a book. If anything, they are the children of those who propagated the Gomorrah model to make millions. Of those who explained to us that in Italy the drug problem does not exist “and added” I just wonder why Ferragni and Fedez do not make a good campaign against the spread of cocaine among young people”.

And here is the response of the singer, who admits to having used drugs in the past, but at the same time says that he does not smoke now “not even the reeds“, does not handle alcohol well and leads a retired life. Then the lunge:” I put myself at the disposal of all possible and imaginable powers of attorney to do all anti-road test if even the senators and parliamentarians of the Republic do the same “. But that’s not all. Still through Instagram stories, Fedez recalled an episode with a municipal councilor of the Brothers of Italy who ended up involved in a case related to cocaine, with a sarcastic comment in support: “It’s all beautiful”.

Even earlier on social media the rapper had written: “Let’s take it for granted that Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are the problem of this company. If Chiara Ferragni and Fedez didn’t exist there would be no more crimes, violent people and the world would be a fantastic place. So let’s ask ourselves. what, who created Chiara Ferragni and Fedez? What are they children of? We are your children “.

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