“The air is toxic” – Libero Quotidiano


Elisabetta Canalis leaves The Angels together with his daughter Skyler Eva. The showgirl explained in some Instagram stories that she is forced to leave the city where she lives with her husband Brian Perri because the air is unbreathable, with clear reference to the numerous fires that have been ravaging the area for days California.

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In the stories, the former tissue speaks while she is in the car with her daughter and a friend: “We are in Los Angeles but still for a little while, because we have decided to leave the city, the air is toxic, there are a lot of fires. In the videos, Canalis’ husband is missing, but she reassures her followers: “He does a serious job, he is with the patients and for now he must stay here. It will reach us“. Meanwhile, the showgirl has reached the new accommodation, a luxurious villa with swimming pool rented to Palm Springs.

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