The charge of the over 60s, Jane Seymour and Jeff Goldblum are the sexiest in Hollywood (according to a survey and Google searches)


14 September 2020 – 09:54

The OnBuy team has compiled the ranking of actresses and actors who, despite their identity cards, still exude sex appeal and if women in their seventies are depopulated (with the exception of Jane Fonda, 82), among the men charm knows no age

of Simona Marchetti

For many Hollywood stars, age is really a number, because there are actresses and actors who exude charm and sensuality even if they are over 60 long ago (and maybe even 70 and even 80). This fact prompted the OnBbuy team to examine the monthly search volumes on Google and then send a survey to almost 3,500 people to draw up the ranking of the “old men” of the big screen with more sex appeal. As for actresses, in first place with 26% of preferences and 4,840 online searches was the former Bond Girl, Jane Seymour who in 2018, at the age of 67, became the most age star to pose for Playboy.


14 September 2020 | 09:54


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