The First Generation Honda Tiger Is Wanted, This Is Its Privileges

1 – Honda Tiger was first marketed in Indonesia around 1993.

Until being euthanized, the Honda Tiger had three generations with its fans that never subsided.

Each generation of Honda Tiger, has a name affectionately by the community or its users.

As the Honda Tiger Revo is called Tirev, the Honda Tiger 2000 or the old Tiger is called Tilam.

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The restoration of the 1993 Honda Tiger

“For the first generation Honda Tiger he calls Old Tiger aka Tilas,” opens Satiri, owner of a specialist Honda Tiger workshop, Sandy Motor Sport (SMS).

The first generation Honda Tiger was born in 1993 with the production code GL-200.

“Until now, Tiger Lawas aka Tilas is still being hunted by bikers, the price is also quite expensive compared to the two younger generations of Tiger,” said the man who is familiarly called Bang Tiri alias BT.

According to BT, the old Honda Tiger aka Tilas was much sought after by bikers because it had advantages.

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