the government announces the end of the state of health emergency


The decision was recorded in the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, September 16: the state of health emergency is lifted in Guyana and Mayotte. It had been extended in July for these two departments, theoretically until October 30.

The decision was announced by the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, at the end of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, September 16: the state of health emergency linked to the coronavirus has been lifted “from today” in Guyana and in Mayotte. A decree was presented by the Ministers of Health and Overseas, it will be published in the Official Journal.

The evolution of the health situation in these territories makes it possible to end the state of emergency as of today

Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson

The situation is improving

The health situation in these two overseas departments has improved in recent weeks. The number of new contaminations is decreasing. As of March 4, 2020, Guyana has recorded 9,578 cases and 62 deaths, while Mayotte has recorded 3,541 cases and 40 deaths. In these latest weekly bulletins, Sante Publique France reported that the epidemic was in decline in the two departments, while it is progressing strongly in Guadeloupe and Reunion.

“The virus is still circulating”

« The virus is still circulating but we have no reason to be alarmist », Explained a few days ago in Mayotte the 1st director of the Regional Health Agency of Mayotte, Dominique Voynet. In Guyana, the prefect announced three days ago new measures concerning the management of the health crisis going in the direction of a relaxation of the devices.

State of health emergency

Triggered on March 24 throughout France, the state of health emergency was lifted on July 10, except in Guyana and Mayotte which was then in the midst of an epidemic phase. The government had announced that the state of emergency would be extended until October 30, but that it could be lifted before that date, if the health situation improved.

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