The Ministry of the Interior plans to introduce prefabricated depots for 200 million euros


The Ministry of the Interior (MoI) plans to introduce a standard prefabricated depot for use by firefighters, border guards, police officers and also emergency medical personnel for a total of about 200 million euros.

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On Wednesday, Signe Bole, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, told the Saeimas Defense, Interior and Corruption Prevention Commission that work on the preparation of standard prefabricated fire depot projects will be completed soon. The establishment of such depots could be the basis for the deployment of all home affairs institutions, she said.

The Emergency Medical Service has also expressed its readiness to join such depots.

The Ministry has concluded that the construction of a separate fire station based on traditional construction methods is too expensive a process.

Such construction technology allows to add other modules to the module, in which the structural units of other interior and sectoral services can be located. If necessary, the specific module can be dismantled and moved to another depot.

This would save industry and public financial resources spent on renting and maintaining property.

The establishment of the depot would take place gradually, taking into account the division of administrative territories and municipal administrative centers. It is possible that 42 such depots will be established. The MoI prepared projects at its own expense and any funds will be sought to implement this necessary project, as the situation with the depots currently managed by the MoI is critical, Bole said.

The Minister also presented such an idea to the Association of Large Cities of Latvia, who liked the idea.

It has already been reported that the Ministry of the Interior has repeatedly pointed to the lack of investment in the renovation of the depot of the State Fire and Rescue Service.

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