This week distance learning is provided by the class of Broka Daugavpils Music School, where the contact person of the Covid-19 patient is studying – Society and Politics – News


He said that he had decided on distance learning because one of the students had been in contact with a Covid-19 patient. According to him, this was not a requirement of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (SPCC) and the students could continue their studies in person, but the decision was made for safety reasons.

All the students of the class are healthy, and it is planned that in-person training will resume next week.

Ilona Bohāne, a public relations specialist of the City Education Board, told LETA that there are no new cases of Covid-19 in the city’s general education schools, and currently only the class of Daugavpils Secondary School No. 16 continues to study remotely.

It has already been reported that this week one of the 9th grades of Daugavpils Secondary School No. 16 is being taught remotely, because one of the students has been diagnosed with Covid-19. The sick student has attended school, so a decision has been made to distance learning for all classmates. Olga Dukšinska, director of the institution, explained that on Sunday, the school, the Board of Education and epidemiologists worked to identify families and provide distance learning.

Covid-19 tests were performed by school staff before the start of the school year and were negative.

It has also been reported that Covid-19 has been diagnosed in two employees of the municipal JSC “Daugavpils siltumtīkli”. Daugavpils municipality executive director Sabīne Šņepste said that Covid-19 tests were performed on other employees of the company, but they were negative. It is planned that repeated tests will be performed over time. The sick are in quarantine at home.

Both “Daugavpils siltumtīkli” and other municipal companies and institutions continue to operate in the usual mode. Šnepste emphasized that Covid-19 had not been found in any of the employees of the council or municipal institutions.

The municipality also has no information about possible Covid-19 foci in the city.

According to SPKC data, there are currently 21 patients with Covid-19 in Daugavpils.

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