Tiziano Ferro and the covers of «The experience of others». Appeal against racism: “Ready to support Willy’s family”


I hope to be in Italy on November 6th. The complicated bureaucracy, but I don’t want to be pessimistic. The coronavirus puts Tiziano Ferro day at risk, the day of the release of the cover album Accetto Miracoli: the experience of others and the documentary Ferro on Amazon Prime: the singer-songwriter lives in Los Angeles and getting around is not easy. But it was the pandemic that gave birth to the new album: Music was a salvation, it created a bubble to escape from prison.
been a year with many covers, now she chooses to even release an album with her version of the successes of others …
A cover album like lasers at concerts: we’ve seen them a thousand times, but they always like them. an album that I had in mind for years and for me it is worth as much as an unreleased one. In Sanremo I paid homage to four great songs (In the blue painted blue of Modugno, At least you in the universe of Mia Martini, Perdere d’amore by Massimo Ranieri and Bring me to dance by Luca Barbarossa ed) not mine and I found myself a first nucleus . The real boost was the request for a summer classic from radio networks for the “I Love My Radio” project. Linus called me from Deejay and I immediately sent him Mangos “Bella d’estate”. Unfortunately it wasn’t on their list, but by now I was at five tracks ….
Eight more came. And perhaps more since he said via social media to already think of a volume 2 …
These are the songs that changed my life. I felt free because I didn’t have the worry of writing. Me and the producer, Marco Sonzini, one who works without making you weigh it with greats like Janelle Monae and Keith Urban, we enjoyed playing note for note.
The title for very serious: the experience of others …
I had thought of it for a record in which I would interpret unreleased songs written by others. The idea dates back to 2012. At the benefit concert for the earthquake in Emilia that took place in Campovolo, Renato Zero told me: “I would like to hear you sing about other people’s things”. Nothing was ever done because weak pieces arrived and those who sent me good ones turned them over to others ….

More difficult to sing Mina, perfect voice, with Ancora Ancora Ancora or Piove by Jova and Rimmel by De Gregori, less technical but highly personal?
I gave myself a rule: no cheating. In the case of female voices I lowered a few pitches, but I kept the degree of difficulty. If they sang to the fullest extent of the female, I did it in the male. For Giuni Russo I studied the correct technique for three weeks.
And the men?
Mango was the most technically complicated. And for the production, since he was always ahead, I imagined a Drake beat. For Jova and De Gregori the difficulty was the stylistic code. And then I forgot about the original. I thought about classical music, I interpreted “Rimmel” as if I had the libretto in front of it. If you don’t touch the classics out of fear, you end up forgetting them. something I thought when I did Tenco in Sanremo.
He unveiled the lineup in a live social. He defined Margherita di Cocciante the song of life. Why?
First of all because the first concert I saw, I was 3-4 years old, was by Cocciante. It was a shock: the lights, the volume I couldn’t stand … but it hypnotized me. And then my grandmother was called Margherita. I still sang secretly from my parents in a gospel choir and I dedicated it to them at a wedding of relatives: I remember the judgmental looks.
Di Mina recalled the popularity abroad in the 60s. Were you the last Italian to export?
I don’t know if I was the last but the perception of our music changed. I happened to be in the moment when it was fashionable: Laura, Eiffel 65 and dance … In Latin America they were looking for that sound for their pop and hired our technicians. Over time, as happened to our cinema after the Sixties, they have learned to do it themselves.

Di E you come to look for Battiato recalled the spiritual value. What relationship do you have with God?
My journey started as a child in a small church outside Latina. The most beautiful part of the relationship with Christian spirituality remains: sharing, not doing to others what you would not want them to do to you, patience … I carry with me the idea of ​​a nice God.
And now? Do you pray?
Every morning, but without placing any conditions. To God I say: give me what you have to give me but, be it pain or joy, help me find the tools to go through these things. Battiatos text is still valid today.
Talk about parasites without dignity. Who are those of today?
Do we want to talk about social networks?
Let’s do it…
They do a subtle work of manipulation: they force us to have an opinion on everything, even if this little piece of paper. It should be schools and books, but also cartoons as happened to us, to give the stimulus. And then there is the haters issue. For them zero tolerance: I block them immediately. And then I do a wonderful exercise. Instead of dedicating time to them, I dedicate it to lovers. It sounds like a Cornetto slogan but it works.
Until recently, social networks did not even have them. Now she also shows private moments, the death of the dog, her husband Victor …
The main change happened to me. I was among the first to have MySpace and the first haters destroyed me. I closed the profile and said: never again. I didn’t have the zest and the personality. I am now 40 years old and I have found clarity, maturity and detachment.
entered the door …
You know how nice, just during the pandemic … Anyway I have been 40 since I was 22 … Now I am lighter. The weight of the registry, fortunately, exists.

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A song of his that would you do again?
Next year it is 20 years since the debut of “Xdono”. I could make a celebratory version of it.
Italy seen from the outside?
I don’t have the superior attitude of those who leave … California is the first thing that happened to me in life, the first thing I didn’t choose. At first I even hated her. It’s hard not to love our country when you see what’s happening here politically. And sadly I’m sure Trump will win again: America, not New York or California. We need to think about deep State who live with a retrograde mentality towards nationalism, racism, women, equal rights. These Trump bully languages ​​attract loyal fans. And I also feel the coldness of many Democrats around the figure of Joe Biden.

In Italy we are not in good shape when it comes to racism. Someone said about Willie’s murder: they only killed one immigrant
I have African American friends who have made me realize how hard it is for them in America: at a roadblock you can be sure they stop you. like having a sign on. I told them that I grew up in an era without integration but also without hatred and that the non-EU community in Italy is starting to integrate now. This fact shocked me. I make myself available to support the cause, to also financially support the family and legal: this story must find a just ending, even if what happened will never be right. And I believe that it is now also necessary to create a Black Lives Matter movement in Italy. Here too I am available to help, to seek contacts.

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