Warns of a woman in Riga trying to “buy children”


A Facebook user of the social network at a shopping center in Riga has encountered a situation after which he wants to warn the parents of children in Riga.

A Facebook user writes that he has met a woman who has tried to seduce her child through hypnosis.

“Be careful, especially those who are easily subject to hypnosis. I rarely turn into the alpha, but today it happened and I had to wait a moment at the central entrance with my 1.5-year-old daughter. I allowed my daughter to play in the chair constructions a stranger came to her, which seemed strange to me, so I immediately took her daughter in her arms.

However, this one comes to me and looks calmly into his eyes and says “Do you need money? Don’t you have a hard time holding her? Re how heavy she is. Sell me your daughter. How much do you want for a baby?” and tries to touch her.

I say to go off and not come any closer. She tried to approach me on the other hand and repeated the same a couple of times, but I went off and told her not to come any closer. Then he asked for a cigarette, but later he pulled out his own and smoked it when I said I didn’t smoke. It seemed especially strange how thick she was to dress for such a warm weather when I myself was hot in a shirt, “writes a Facebook user.

He also illuminates the woman’s features.

“Signs: Woman aged 20 to 30 years. Small stature ~ 1.5 m, light curly colored hair, dark eyes. Eye-catching make-up around the eyes and lips, overgrown long raised nails in red. Latvian spoken without accent. Dressed in a black leather jacket and under the jacket, a blue sweater with a hood underneath the jacket, “the entry said.

It is added that the commentators may have soon recognized the woman as Sandija from Limbaži with drug addiction and mental health problems, who is currently homeless.

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