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IPhone 12 mini deals, where can you buy cheaper?

The iPhone 12 mini is probably this year’s standout #Apple phone. #It is not the best, but it comes very close and draws powerfully attention for its compact size. #Currently it is possible to find it with interesting discounts on #Amazon that make your purchase even more attractive. #If you were thinking of buying one, either as a gift for #Kings or for yourself, keep reading because it sure interests you.

#Offers available for the iPhone 12 mini

#At the time of publishing this article we can find the following sales for this iPhone 12 mini:

  • iPhone 12 mini 64 GB:
    • #Red color: 62 euros discount.
    • #Color blue: 20 euros discount.
    • #White color: 20 euros discount.
    • #Black color: 20 euros discount.
  • iPhone 12 mini 128 GB:
    • #Red color: 30 euros discount.
    • #Color blue: 20 euros discount.
    • #White color: 20 euros discount.
    • #Black color: 20 euros discount.
  • iPhone 12 mini 256 GB:
    • #Black color: 30 euros discount.
    • #Red color: 22 euros discount.
    • #Color blue: 22 euros discount.
    • #White color: 22 euros discount.

#Probably the most interesting offer is the 64 GB in red, although as you have seen there are many options that will allow you to save money. #It must be said that they are new phones sold by #Apple itself inside the great #Amazon online store. #It also has 2 years warranty, the first being managed by the apple brand and the second by the store. There are also a majority of devices that have fast shipments, although it will depend as always on the place where you reside.

#Review of the highlights of this device

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#First, it must be recognized that this iPhone is not suitable for all audiences due to its compact size with a panel of 5.4 inch. #Precisely this is also one of the advantages for many and it is that it is extremely comfortable to use even with one hand, in addition to not weighing anything and being able to store it in any pocket without difficulty. #Its screen is also very ‘#Pro’ with OLED technology that makes the colors look vivid always and without losing their naturalness, without offering difficulties to see the screen in any light circumstance.

#Share chip with the rest of iPhone 12, the A14 #Bionic that it is the best processor on the market and that it guarantees that the device will perform any action without difficulty, in addition to guaranteeing at least 4 or 5 years of software updates with which to continue enjoying all the news of iOS. his double camera #It is also spectacular and is enhanced by the computational improvement carried out by the aforementioned processor, causing spectacular results even in video, where it is one of the best in the market.

#On issues of drums #It is true that it is the one with the least autonomy of the new devices, but with normal use there is no problem to reach the end of the day without reaching for the charger. #In our tests of intensive use it has more than fulfilled, so it is not a negative point either, although it is the weakest of the device. #It is generally a real call with an ideal size for many users who do not require giant phones to enjoy.

The links to #Amazon in this article are part of our agreement with their #Affiliate #Program. #However, all the recommendations and offers that we publish, unless expressly indicated, are made freely without responding to any type of agreement with the brand of the product in question.

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