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3 takeaways from Lakers’ first week of 2020-21 season

The #Los #Angeles #Lakers have kicked off their season with a 2-2 record, which surely won’t be the telling tale by the end of the regular season. #Along with bringing aboard some newcomers to aid their efforts in repeating for a championship, the coaching staff has to carefully monitor the minutes of its co-stars in #LeBron #James and #Anthony #Davis.

#With only one week out of the way, spectators are only awarded a small platter to dissect in regards to how much improvement the #Lakers have made coming into the 2020-21 season. #It’s far too soon to jump the gun on their seventh seed placement in the #Western #Conference at the moment, and things should become more transparent after the early-season jitters work their way out of the #Lakers’ system.

#While that may be true, there are some early signs of what’s to come this season for LA. #Here are a few takeaways from the #Lakers’ first week of the 2020-21 season.

3. The #Horton-Tucker hype train is real

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#Many analytical experts would be quick to tell viewers from home to not rush to judgement from preseason outings. #Talen #Horton-Tucker has shown that his game can transition from preseason to the regular season despite his lack of playing time. The 20-year old was expected to see some additional floor time coming into the season, but that hasn’t happened yet.

#Even so, he’s shooting 37 percent from 3-point range while averaging 7.3 points per game on less minutes than last season. #His highest scoring output came against the #Minnesota #Timberwolves in which he dropped 12 points while connecting on 40 percent of his 3-point attempts.

#Keep in mind, #Horton-Tucker is making this all happen on an average of 12 minutes per game. The #Iowa #State product averaged 20.5 points through four preseason games on an average of 31.6 MPG. #Those are considered starter minutes, which #Horton-Tucker won’t see anytime soon with the #Lakers, but if head coach #Frank #Vogel wants to continue to make the most out of his newly found gem, he should look into increasing his minutes.

2. The jury is still out on #Kuz

#Lakers brass clearly believes that #Kyle #Kuzma can still become an important contributor for the franchise despite his stagnant production last season as he adjusted to a lesser role. #Now as the #Lakers look to repeat for their 18th title in franchise, #Kuzma has become one of the more critical parts of their success.

#Looking at his first week, there’s still no clear answer as to what #Kuzma will evolve into in the future, which was obvious as the #Lakers banked on a team-friendly extension for the 25-year old forward. #At one moment, #Kuzma shows has looked promising as he’s showcased during his first three games, averaging 16 points on a 55 percent shooting clip.

#His latest performance against the #Portland #Trail #Blazers is what brings back all the familiar worries. #He finished with only six points while shooting 22 percent from the field. The #Lakers will also want to see the scoring wing evolve his game all-around. #He’s not known for being an efficient distributor on the floor, which could make up for some of his off-shooting nights.

#For instance, #Kuzma averaged a plus-minus of 15.3 through his first three games, which could suggest that he was an exceptional contributor while on the floor. #That same plus-minus dropped to -23 against the #Trail #Blazers. There’s simply going to be more consistency needed from #Kuzma moving forward if he’s going to become a key piece of the rotation. #With a new contract, the hope is that #Kuz can elevate his game.

1. #LeBron, AD resting will become the norm

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There was no doubt that the #Lakers’ star #James-Davis duo would be on a heavy amount of load management this season. #Now it appears that most teams are following that model for their star players. #It’s rare to see star players this season play in multiple back-to-backs in an already-shortened season. #Most medical teams are taking precautions with the risks of injuries on the front.

#While both #King #James and The #Brow dealt with some nagging injuries during the first week, expect the idea of them regularly sitting out to become somewhat of the norm when optional. The #Lakers, like every other team, will be dealing with some back-to-backs frequently as the league continues limiting cross-country travel as much as possible.

#In all actuality, the rest for #James could be beneficial. #He turned 36 on #Wednesday, is now in his 18th season with quite a bit of miles on him. #He’s still an impactful force from all over the court and the #Lakers will look to preserve his best as #James continues to age.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks

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