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“On the efficacy of covid-19 vaccines”

#Current news shows that he vaccinates thems developed for covid-19 have an efficiency around 95%. The problem is that it is not enough to say “95% efficiency without clarifying how they measure it and what performance the control group has.

The UK and US authorities have approved the use of the #Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and are already underway the first vaccinations, but do we really know the efficacy of this vaccine? #Regarding efficacy, the clinical trial protocol (protocol # C4591001) defines efficacy as “100 x (1- IRR) & rdquor ;. #This formula compares the number of patients with covid-19 in the intervention group (those who receive the vaccine) with the number of patients who also present the disease in the placebo group (control, did not receive the vaccine). #For every 20 cases that appear among the unvaccinated, one appears among those vaccinated. #That is, of 20 unvaccinated individuals who would have developed COVID-19, if they had been vaccinated, 19 (95%) would have stopped the disease. #This number of sick patients is seen 7 days after the second dose. #To say that the vaccine is 95% effective without referring to the placebo group would mean nothing. #More clearly it means that the vaccine is not 95% effective, but 95% effective compared to not getting the vaccine. #It should also be noted that the efficacy far exceeds the minimum limits set by the FDA (#Food and #Drug #Administration) and that the safety analyzes were totally exceeded.

#At no point do we criticize the rigor or scientific quality of the study, only the way in which the results are communicated. The goal is for the population to be fully aware of the actual efficacy of the vaccine and that it passes all the controls required for its approval.

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#Daniel #Martínez Núñez and Núria #Solans #Oncala (students of the #Statistics course


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