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Doctor gave the vaccine against covid-19 to his family and unleashed anger

#Mexico #City – #Mexican authorities are investigating a hospital director who broke the current regulations in the vaccination process against covid-19 and managed to immunize two members of his family, although the drug, still very scarce in #Mexico, is currently only applied to workers #Of the health.

The event, which took place in the #State of #Mexico, generated controversy and was condemned on #Wednesday by #President #Andrés #Manuel López #Obrador, who described it as “immoral” for the doctor to use his influence to vaccinate the wrong person and said that it was necessary “#Punish this irregularity, this abuse.”

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#It is not clear if the doctor was among the priority list to vaccinate – which are those who work directly with those infected with the coronavirus – but his family clearly was not.

The #Ministry of #Health of the #State of #Mexico indicated in a statement that it will sanction the director of the medical center and that “it will reinforce the filter for registering candidates to receive the vaccine, in order to prevent these practices from being repeated.”

#Experts have expressed concern about the possibility that theft, corruption or counterfeiting of drugs could affect the vaccination process in the country.

#In this case, even though the army was in charge of the site, it appears that there was an error in the appointment system for applying the dose, which has to be used quickly after it is thawed.

#Mexico has received some 53,000 vaccines from the pharmaceutical company #Pfizer, the only drug that has authorization for massive use in the country. #It plans to receive a total of 1.4 million doses until the end of #January 2021, although, in addition, several parallel processes are underway to authorize and purchase other vaccines.

#So far, the government of #Mexico is the one who controls the entire process that prioritizes health workers and will then immunize the general population, from the oldest to the youngest.

#Given the complexity of transporting this first drug, the president commissioned the armed forces to distribute it.

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The army has played a growing role in the two years of López #Obrador’s administration and, in addition to security tasks, it cultivates nurseries, distributes aid, manages hospitals and is in charge of building some of the largest infrastructure projects of this government. .

#At the main military base in #Mexico #City, #Major #Alicia #Juana #Cornelio #Mateos explained on #Wednesday that the people listed in a document sent to them by the civil authorities are vaccinated in that enclave. #However, he assures that people without appointments come to whom they have to say no.

#Cornelio #Mateos considered that there is a lot of expectation for the contingency that currently exists in #Mexico #City, where hospitals are already at 89% of their capacity. “#That causes fear, it causes fear,” he said.

#However, he guaranteed that the army is acting impartially and assured that the only military personnel at the scene on #Wednesday were security personnel and those who were vaccinating other health workers. “There is no preference here,” he said.

#Mexico has more than 1.4 million confirmed infected and at least 124,000 people have died from covid-19. The capital and the #State of #Mexico, the region that surrounds it, concentrate more than 463,000 cases.

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