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Alejandra Buitrago showed who the father of her baby is

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The presenter and model has been characterized by keeping her romantic relationship away from the media. #However, through social networks, he showed a photograph of the father of his son.

#After almost three months of announcing her pregnancy, The presenter and model #Alejandra #Buitrago shows for the first time a photo with who will be the father of the baby.

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The action came after a follower asked him if he was still with him through questions on #Instagram stories, to which he answered yes and exhibited a photograph. #However, in the image, the man’s face is not appreciated. (#We recommend: “#Daughters of water”: the work returns to the origin)

The former J #Balvin has decided to keep her relationship away from the media and had not previously been related to another person. #This was one of the reasons why #Many of her followers were surprised to learn the news of her pregnancy on #October 9 and that she is expected to be born in #March 2021.

#In a recent publication, the model showed the feeling when knowing that she will be a mother: “From the first day I knew that I was going to be a mother something in my change; I feel that now I am more sensitive to so many things, but I also feel stronger and so capable, it is a new world of emotions and feelings that I have experienced little by little, and it is so magical to discover myself, every day is a surprise, living a day at a time, without haste; daydreaming of a little person who is now the owner of my thoughts day and night ”. (#You may be interested in: #Photos: #Nicky #Jam lost 20 kilos and surprises on social networks)

#Buitrago is recognized for having presented entertainment programs in #Colombia, such as “#El lavadero” or starring in one of the seasons of “#Your stereo voice”, which she resigned in 2019 to continue preparing for her acting career in #New #York.

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##Alejandra ##Buitrago #showed #father #baby

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