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this says the historic law approved in Argentina

#For the first time since the #Penal #Code was enacted in 1921 in #Argentina the practice of abortion #It will not be considered a crime until the 14th week of gestation. #This is established by the law that the #Senate approved this morning with a comfortable majority of 38 votes in favor and 29 against.

The norm establishes the conditions in which a woman may carry out the voluntary interruption of pregnancy up to 14 weeks of gestation without the need for any cause and without cost, since the practice is incorporated into the #Compulsory #Medical #Program (PMO) of the healthcare system.

#In addition, it obliges the medical establishment to respond to the #Interruption of pregnancy within a maximum period of 10 calendar days from your request. #Any conduct that hinders or delays the provision by a public official or health personnel will be punished with imprisonment from three months to one year and special disqualification for twice the sentence.

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#From the 15th week of gestation, the abortion it will continue to be a crime except in cases where the pregnancy was the product of rape or if the woman’s life or integral health was in danger.

#As promised by #Senator #Norma #Durango, an informant member of the ruling party who spoke in favor of the project, the #Executive #Power promised to eliminate the word “integral” when promulgating the law in the #Official #Gazette, making use of its power to partially veto a sanctioned regulation. by #Congress.

#In cases of rape, the law establishes that no criminal complaint should be filed by the victim. #People over 16 years of age can access the practice by simply signing an affidavit. #As explained in the debate in the #Senate, both in commissions and on the premises, this decision is the conversion into law of the FAL ruling of the #Supreme #Court of #Justice of #March 2002.

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#In cases where the victim is under 16 and over 13 years of age, the law refers to the #Civil and #Commercial #Code, which establishes that the minor has the ability to decide on non-invasive medical practices on her body. #In the event that your physical integrity may be at risk, you must give your consent accompanied by your parents.

The norm establishes that medical personnel must guarantee “dignified treatment”, privacy, ensure informed consent, autonomy of the will, confidentiality and minimum standards of quality and technical competence.

#Once the practice is carried out, the health system will make information on contraceptive methods available to women.

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#Health personnel will have the right to exercise conscientious objection, having to refer the patient to be treated by another professional “in a temporary and timely manner, without delay.”

#However, conscientious objection may not be filed if the life or health of the pregnant person is in imminent danger. #Nor can this remedy be appealed to deny post-abortion assistance.

#Those health workers in the private sector who, for reasons of conscientious objection, do not have the personnel to carry out the abortion practice, should provide for referral to an establishment, at their own cost, that provides the service under similar conditions.


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