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why you should never take it after the meal

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“#And now a digestive, right?” The phrase is repeated these days in all corners of #Spain. #After a gargantuan festival in which the appetizer is some prawns, some pieces of octopus and some steamed clams; after the foie canapes with sturgeon eggs, the slices of bread with salmon and tomato, the #Russian salad, the beef ribeye, the pineapple, the tiramisu and the walnuts … #After all this, there is always someone who throws the question into the air : “#Do you have cream of pomace? #It is to reduce the food”.

The truth is that there is no scientific study that indicates that this drink (nor the herbal liquor) helps digestion, even more so after having swallowed the beers and wine that usually accompany this type of meal. #It is true that alcohol, in small amounts and as long as a copious meal has not been eaten, has a vasodilating effect. #However, high-strength beverages not only do not benefit gastric motility, they also hinder the process of absorption and digestion of food.

“#Alcohol has an effect at the neuronal level that makes us process information and react much more slowly than usual,” #Miguel #Herrero, a scientist at the #Institute for #Research in #Food #Sciences (CIAL), explained to this same newspaper some time ago. CSIC. “#At the digestive level, in addition, also irritates our stomach and slows down muscles who are in charge of digestion, and gastritis can occur in the most serious cases, “he added.

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#Actually, if we think about it for a moment, it is logical that a herbal liqueur, which has 30 degrees, or a pomace cream, whose gradation is around 20 degrees, does not favor digestion at all since alcohol consumption is also related to heartburn. #This sensation occurs in our body because some of the acids that enable the digestion of food are strained from the stomach into our esophagus.

“#Normally, when you swallow, a band of muscles that surrounds the lower part of your esophagus (lower esophageal sphincter) relaxes to allow food and liquids to pass into your stomach. Then, the muscle contracts again,” they explain from the #Mayo #Clinic. #Instead, when this sphincter relaxes in an unusual way #It is when the burning occurs, a very unpleasant sensation that can be aggravated if we are bent over or lying down. #Citrus fruits, spicy foods, chocolate, mint, carbonated beverages and alcohol, of course, are often responsible for heartburn.

#It should also be remembered that alcohol consumption of alcohol is related to a good handful of non-communicable diseases. #Thus, according to WHO data, each year there are three million deaths related to the consumption of this poison, that is the causative factor of more than 200 diseases and disorders, including different types of cancers. “#Yeah, but it’s okay to take a shot of herbs once a year.” #It’s true, nobody dies for it. The problem appears when that exception becomes a common thing that we protect under the controversial term of “moderate consumption”.

#No one knows exactly what moderate consumption really is alcohol: a glass of wine a day? A shot of pomace every week after a meal with friends? A bottle of beer for lunch? #Scientific evidence indicates that moderate alcohol consumption is also harmful and causes cancer. “#Little drinking increases the risk of cancer of the mouth and pharynx, esophagus and breast,” a study published in the journal warned in 2012 #Annals of oncology. #After this, many other scientific works have arrived that have also confirmed this point.

#Thus, the best way to combat swelling after a large meal is to do moderate physical activity. A good walk will promote mobility of the muscles of the intestine, the intestinal transit and it will cause that the levels of sugar in blood fall. #In the same way, although the evidence is limited, tea or chamomile may have some effect on gastric upset, although, of course, they will not cure gastroenteritis. #Alcohol, much less.

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