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vaccine candidates in full phase of clinical development (+ Audio)

“#We are counting on you to continue reaping successes in 2021,” said the #President of the #Republic #Miguel Díaz-Canel #Bermúdez with affection and gratitude to managers and workers of the #Center for #Genetic #Engineering and #Biotechnology, an institution that the #Head of #State visited and where The vaccine candidates against COVID-19: #Mambisa and #Abdala are in #Phase I of their clinical trials.

#During the exchange, the general director of the CIGB, #Doctor of #Science #Eulogio #Pimentel Vázquez, commented to the press that, “Although the #Phase I design is not conceived to speak of efficacy data, in terms of safety and security the candidates are going as planned. #In other words, the hypothesis that starts from both tests that the product is safe is being fulfilled ”.

The manager stressed that “at the moment, the two vaccine candidates are in the clinical development phase; both candidates and both clinical trials already completed their first immunization on #December 7; and both candidates have different immunization schedules ”.

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#Both in the explanation given to the #Cuban #President and in his statements to the press, the general director of the #Center for #Genetic #Engineering and #Biotechnology said that 286 projects associated with vaccine candidates are currently being reported in the world. #Of these, 66 have already passed all the pre-clinical research phases in animal models and are in the clinical research phase in healthy volunteers. #But only 18 – he noted – explore the protein subunit vaccine technology, which is the strategy that #Cuba uses in its four vaccine candidates.

#During the meeting with directors and workers of the institution, #President #Miguel Díaz-Canel #Bermúdez highlighted the role of scientists from the #Center for #Genetic #Engineering and #Biotechnology in the confrontation with COVID-19, to whom he expressed admiration, respect for what do and above all, gratitude.

The #Head of #State commented that it has been a difficult year, but also one of learning; and in the majority of the town there is a heroism that must be recognized.

Mambisa and Abdala: vaccine candidates in full phase of clinical development

Díaz-Canel inquired about the role of young people in this battle from science against the epidemic, was interested in their life stories and conversed with a young biochemistry graduate who just began her social service with the tough test of contributing to the investigation of these vaccine candidates. #More than once the #President insisted that the experts and more experienced must also encourage the daring and creativity of recent graduates.

“2021 is also going to be intense, a challenging year, but let it come, we are going to look forward to it, because we are also going to grow with enthusiasm; and I believe that it will also be a year in which we will be able to consolidate results from these learnings “#Diaz-Canel reflected.

#In that sense, he expressed, “In addition to the admiration and respect for what they do, for the contribution, the sincere gratitude for what they have done and the happiness that one feels to have people like these young people among their compatriots, such as those who have been in these projects that they have so much capacity, so much talent “.

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#But, this is not enough – he pointed out – but it also goes through other human virtues that are commitment, willingness, dedication and the sense of responsibility with which they have assumed that a country must be saved, that the country must be saved. humanity; and that an important part of that salvation today is that there is a vaccine and that later it can be distributed as equitably as possible in the world.

Mambisa and Abdala: vaccine candidates in full phase of clinical development

#Mambisa and #Abdala, two of the four #Cuban vaccine candidates against COVID-19, are part of the feat of the country’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry in times of pandemic.

#In the case of the #Abdala clinical trial, which is taking place in #Santiago de #Cuba, it has 132 volunteers; while in #Mambisa, a candidate designed to be applied intranasally, 88 people participated in #Havana.

The two vaccine candidates from the #Center for #Genetic #Engineering and #Biotechnology, join #Soberana 01 and #Soberana 02, gestated at the #Finlay #Vaccine #Institute, also visited by Díaz-Canel in the last hours.

These four projects, which address different technologies, routes of administration and types of antigens; they do not compete for human resources or industrial capabilities; rather, they complement each other in this battle for life, to optimize the path that leads to the goal of immunizing the #Cuban population against a silent and lethal virus.

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Mambisa and Abdala: vaccine candidates in full phase of clinical development

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