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Nacho and Melany Mille’s daughter in her first time on the beach

#With a baby just months old, the first few times of any activity are the most exciting, and they well know that. #Melany #Mille and #Nacho mendoza , who are enjoying the first months of their little one’s life to the fullest #Mya #Michelle. #Recently, the little girl — who was born on #July 5 — went for a walk with her parents for the first time to the beach. #Through her social networks, the proud mother shared a video of this family adventure, which took place on #Margarita #Island, where they live.

#Nacho and #Melany with little #Mya
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#In her profile, where she accumulates more than 795 thousand followers, the television presenter wrote the following to accompany the clip of her daughter on the beach. “#Mya on her first day in contact with the sand 🌴 #Every day more grateful that my daughter was born in this wonderful land, with this unique energy and magic without equal ##Margarita.”

#In the video you can see the little girl with a nice swimsuit complete with white and pink squares, as well as a navy blue scarf with pink details to cover her head. #Nacho is delighted with his baby, whom he took care of at all times, taking her to the shore so that she could see the sea. #With all the care, the interpreter of Báilame #She took her little daughter, who seemed curious about everything that was happening around her, since the sound of the waves and the sensation of the sand on her feet were totally alien to her until recently.

The singer’s fans were delighted with the baby and left all kinds of nice comments to #Melany, who shared with them that on #January 5 her daughter will be six months old. “#Beautiful baby 😍 #God bless you 🙏🏻”, “The girls give us a different shine to our lives 💜”, “#Keep growing as a family, you chose the best destination”, were just some of the comments of his followers.

#Introducing #Mya

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#Recently, #Nacho caused a stir on social media by revealing his daughter’s face, something that both he and #Melany had resisted doing. The singer shared a recent picture of his daughter and said it was a way of thanking his fans who have been by his side from day one supporting his music career as well as celebrating his personal achievements.

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##Nacho ##Melany ##Milles #daughter #time #beach


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