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Infonavit credit: so you can buy a used home

#If you are one of the people who plans to acquire a mortgage loan, you should know that you can buy a used house with the credit of the #Institute of the #National #Housing #Fund for #Workers (#Infonavit).

The process to buy is exactly the same as if you buy a new house. The only difference will be lthe characteristics that the construction should have in the appraisal that will be requested.

#What characteristics should the used house have?

#One of the first benefits may be the price of the house. #Photo: #Getty #Images

The elements that the home must have to buy it through #Infonavit are:

  • The house must be located in an urbanized area.
  • #It must have at least one bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • #It must also have all the basic services of drainage, water and electricity.
  • #It must have a minimum useful life of 30 years.

#What are the benefits of buying a used home?

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#Commonly used or old houses tend to be located in central areas at the time of its construction. #This gives you the advantage of being located close to everything you need and having all the necessary services.

#One of the first benefits may be the price of the house, since in many cases used houses tend to be at a lower price, especially if they have not had adequate maintenance.

#As well you will likely get a better size house and maybe with good features, which can make your new home unique.

#Another benefit is the simplicity in terms of processing, since usually the seller is independent and you should have the papers more easily in order.

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