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Ritual so that there is no lack of money and work throughout 2021, according to Mhoni Vidente

A few days before the end of 2020, and welcome to the 2021, #Rev. #Vidente share us a cash and very simple ritual so that money and work are not lacking throughout the year. The fortune teller revealed a video in which it is shown step by step what to do to have an incredible #New #Year, and 12 months of great abundance and prosperity.

#Through his #YouTube channel, #Rev. #Vidente gave details of the elements and steps that have to be taken for this ritual of abundance to enjoy a good economy and stability in the job, which must be carried out during five consecutive days without fail, from #December 31 to #January 4.

#New #Year’s ritual for abundance

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#In addition to getting the material to perform this ritual, it is very important to put in it all the good will, hope and faith to achieve the objectives set for the next 2021 in our homes, so that throughout the 12 months of the year do not lack neither money nor work, thanks to the attraction of the necessary positive energies that abound in our home.


-7 male lotion

-5 lemons

-Cinnamon powder

-Green colored soap


-Diamantine dorada

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-Two slats: one red and one yellow

-1 dollar

-Red candle and 5 small colored candles: red, yellow, green, white, orange


-Cup with water

-Silver coins

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-Wooden matchsticks

-A plate lined with aluminum foil


The first step in doing this ritual, which should start on #December 31 at any time of the day, is to spray the lemon with the lotion of the 7 males and then pass it all over the body, from head to toe, praying an #Our #Father and a #Hail #Mary. #Later, you throw it into the water. #This step must be repeated every 5 days.

#Later, you put perfume on the candle and the small candles. #You spread the cinnamon powder, the diamond, and place the three coins in a triangle shape on the plate. Then, you have to spray the lotion of the 7 males to the slats, and you tie them to the right ankle with three knots. #If they are released before the fifth day, you must burn them, if not, cut and burn them on the fifth day.

#From #December 31 to #January 4, you must bathe with the green soap. #In addition, you will apply perfume to the silver coin, rub it with both hands and ask it with great faith to protect you. #Later you keep it very well in your wallet and keep it there throughout the year.

#You will apply lotion and perfume to the dollar bill, fold it and put it on the right foot and the sock for the whole of #December 31. #On #January 1, you remove it and keep it in your wallet so that it can accompany you all year long.

“When you go to light the candle and to pass the lemon all over your body, you should also light an incense stick. #Ask all the angels and archangels that this 2021 fill you with abundance, progress, well-being, health and love. #To close this ritual, on #January 5 throws the water and the lemons away from your home ”, he concluded.

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