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WhatsApp trick to put music in your states

There is no doubt that the states of the famous application of #WhatsApp They can be much more complex than you think so follow these steps to add music and personality just like on the #Instagram social network.

#With this new trick that we will show you, you will be able to cause a sensation among your #WhatsApp contacts because you will be able to put music in your states.

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#Thanks to the great #WhatsApp application, thousands of users have been able to use video calls, calls and even exchange photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, in order to stay close at the time they want and wherever they are.

#However, despite the fact that #WhatsApp does not have several functions like the #Instagram and #Facebook applications, there is a simple trick that will help you improve and decorate your #Status.

#Now you can put music in your states, just like you read it, and although it is only possible to put 15 seconds of a song, there is a method little known by people in order to share the favorite song you want.

#Best of all, it is not necessary to have to download a third-party application that unfortunately many times tend to intrude on your #WhatsApp conversations so try these simple steps that you must do today.

#As we already mentioned before, it is not necessary to have to download other programs and to be able to do this sensational trick of being able to put music in your states of #WhatsApp, you must follow these simple steps:

  1. #After placing your cell phone on a flat surface, open the #WhatsApp application.
  2. #Now, open the music player of your mobile device.
  3. #Play the song or sound fragment that you want to put status.
  4. #Return to the #WhatsApp application and press the indicated button to record the video.
  5. #Whenever you want, stop pressing and you will have your status with audio ready to share.
  6. #Click the submit button, and it’s already published.

#Remember that you can add music from applications such as #YouTube #Music, #Spotify, #Deezer, #Apple #Music, among others.

#It is worth mentioning that for this trick to work, your mobile device must play two types of applications at the same time, since that way you can listen to music in the background while running an application.

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#For example, on #Samsung mobile devices it is necessary to use or download #Sound #Assistant to control the volume of your device.

#In case you cannot perform this type of trick, you can also use it through programs like #Kinemaster that offer you the editing of a vertical video.

#Without a doubt the application of #WhatsApp #It has endless uses, since in addition to sending text, users can share videos and photos to contacts easily and simply.

#However, a bad point is that the immediacy damages the quality of the material that is sent, so a series of steps must be followed so that this does not happen.

#In fact there is a trick to maintain the quality of the photos and videos you share through the desktop version of #WhatsApp #Web, but unfortunately it cannot be done from mobile phones, however, that makes sense considering that #WhatsApp seeks to save memory and user data.

  1. #Enter the chat of any user within the application
  2. #Tap the paperclip icon to attach a file.
  3. #Click on “#Document” and select the material to share.
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#It is important to mention that if your videos and photographs weigh more than 16 MB, you will have to resort to third-party services, since it will be impossible to do so through #WhatsApp.

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