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Danna Paola captivates in plaid mini skirt and white sweater

The #Mexican singer #Danna #Paola delights his followers by posing in his most recent publication of his official account with a winter outfit full of style, which is perfect to show off on #New #Year’s night, looking comfortable but fashionable, from the comfort of home, in addition to put together all the fashion garments that highlight the beauty of the female figure.

#Sitting on a large glass cube, #Danna #Paola wears a beautiful black and white checked mini skirt with a classic A-cut, schoolgirl style, showing her slender figure, since the garment is high-waisted, as well as combining it #In a pretty white knitted crop top sweater, showing off her tiny waist, along with the pretty puffy sleeves.

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#However, the final touch that completely fell in love with us was the pair of beige punk style boots that stood out in their style outfit. #While on the subject of makeup, the beautiful singer of #Do not dance alone, wore a beautiful red lipstick, in addition to a white outline, highlighting her great beauty, leaving the rest of her hair loose with light waves and showing it mostly blonde.

“Don’t let anyone tell you how to act, dress, speak, express yourself, or how you have to be. #You know yourself more than anyone, feel proud to be unique and celebrate life loving what you are and true to your essence, that nothing and nobody makes you change. #Let’s receive this 2021 applying all the learning that this year left us ”. The #Mala #Fama interpreter wrote on her #Instagram account.

#Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year of great success for #Danna #Paola, where not only the artist positioned herself as the most listened to singer in #Latin #America, but also imposed fashion, in addition to becoming an influencer through her official account, delighting her followers throughout her quarantine with photos, funny dance videos or movie lipsync.

#So being days away from closing 2020, #Danna #Paola #He only has to admit that it has been one of the most fruitful years of his career, receiving several recognitions after each release of his most recent singles such as #Notoriety, #No #Bailes #Sola, in addition to the multiple collaborations with great #Spanish-speaking artists such as #Aitana or #Luísa #Sonza, not to mention the handsome singer #Sebastian #Yatra.

#So the best way to say goodbye to this 2020 has been in a quite symbolic way, since the #Mexican singer got 3 tattoos, along with her mother and sister, demonstrating the great union and inspiration that the most important women of her life have. lifetime; his family. #Performing with beautiful infinity-shaped heart tattoo. #Danna #Paola #He showed it on the nape.

#While her sister showed it off behind her ear and her mother tattooed it on her collarbone. “#You will be unforgettable 2020”, said the singer #Danna #Paola a couple of days ago when I reflected on all the changes that it has had throughout this year, in addition to adapting to the pandemic, as the rest of the world has done. #Standing out in the musical field with his impressive songs.

#And the best way to pay tribute to this 2020 is with the tattoos that were made, one of them being on the hand where the word “Fiorire” bears, making the reference to blossoming from the soul, as it has done throughout of these months. #While on one of his wrists the XX was engraved in honor of 2020 and the famous tattoo of a heart in the shape of an infinity that he shared with his sister and mother.

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