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Alexander Wang accused of harassment

The fashion network has become a platform for people who had something to report to do so on their own terms. #That was the case of the model #Owen #Mooney, who through a #Tiktok recounted the unpleasant experience he suffered in 2017, while he was in a nightclub, when he narrates that he was inappropriately touched by whom he initially described as a ‘very famous designer’. #It was until the second video that he published, which confirmed the speculations of his followers, pointing out that #Alexander #Wang was behind the sexual harassment. #What could have remained in this #Mooney narration, was accumulating more similar testimonies that have been made known through different #Instagram accounts.

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The #Instagram account S — #Model #Management collected some of the testimonials, inviting social media users to unfollow the designer’s accounts and his signature. #Returning to this same information, #Diet #Prada’s profile decided to collect more testimonies that have been made known through users of social networks, all pointing to a similar behavior on the part of the designer. #For its part, #Insider has reached out to some of the people who have shared their testimonies to follow up on their allegations.

I couldn’t believe he was doing that to me”#Owen is heard saying in the video that he was part of the trend, the strangest experience of seeing a celebrity in public. #In that first #Tiktok, the model decided not to reveal the identity of his attacker: “The previous video, the best thing I could do was not to mention names, but this comment surprised me, only because, in fact, they were correct… There are a lot of people to which he has done that, so, in that case, he must be exposed ”.

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#Although in the first instance, the original video of the model was removed from the network, it has been visible again and its impact has been great in the world of fashion. #Something that has been repeated, both by S — #Model #Management and by #Diet #Prada, is that the accusations of male models are not given the necessary dissemination, such as those that have been replicated in this case, which have also included various accusations of transgender people. #Until now, #Various fashion media, as well as #Insider, reported that they tried to contact the designer or his team, but received no response, in addition to the fact that comments have been disabled on his #Instagram account. #Model #Alliance, an organization dedicated to promoting fair treatment for models, has delivered a message of support for whistleblowers.

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#Who is #Alexander #Wang

The son of #Taiwanese parents, #Wang was born in #San #Francisco in 1983 and began his career in the fashion world at the age of 15. #Surprisingly, he started his famous firm in 2005, when he was just 21 years old. #For years, he held all the top positions in his company, until 2017, when he stepped down as CEO. #His popularity led him to be the creative director of #Balenciaga in addition to being at the forefront of his brand between 2012 and 2015.

#He is known, not only for his closeness to different celebrities, but also for his lifestyle, which has led to his brand, as a lover of parties and nightlife.

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##Alexander ##Wang #accused #harassment


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