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Mourning for Mauricio Ochmann: his father died and he was fired

The actor was born in the #United #States, however he was adopted by a #Mexican couple (#Photo: #Instagram) (#Photo: #Instagram)

#Mauricio #Ochmann used his social networks to share an emotional message with his followers, and it is that the actor fired #Guillermo, his adoptive father who died a few days ago. The actor had previously revealed that, after his birth in #Washington DC, he was abandoned by his biological parents, for which he was adopted by #María and #Guillermo, to whom the actor dedicated heartfelt words in his account of #Instagram.

#Next to a photograph where it appears #Aislinn #Derbez’s ex-husband as a child with the deceased, he wrote:

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#Two days ago my first adoptive father left, a very special being for me, a being who was a great teacher and filled me with life teachings throughout his stay on this earthly plane.. #Yesterday I had to see him for the last time before cremating him, when I saw him physically he was no longer there in that inert body, but his presence was next to me, hugging me as he always did, those bear hugs that he gave me from the day he gave me. adopted “

#Ochmann recognized in his message the unusual circumstances that united him to the man who raised him, and who, despite the fact that he divorced #María two years after adopting him, continued in contact with him throughout his growth and throughout his life.

Don Guillermo continued to have contact with Mauricio despite not being considered his father (Photo: Instagram @mauricioochmann)
#Don #Guillermo continued to have contact with #Mauricio despite not being considered his father (#Photo: #Instagram @mauricioochmann)

“We had a very peculiar and very ours story from the time I came into his life until the day he left, but above all we had a very deep, special and loving connection. #Sad yesterday, facing the pain of his departure, sitting on a log on the seashore contemplating its immensity accompanied by its ashes, suddenly a peace intoxicated me and it was a true honor to say goodbye in this new journey that he undertook ”, he added.

#To his thoughtful message, the actor of projects like #Bad and The #Chema she added the loving way she had when addressing her foster father.

#Fly and fly high, my dear teacher, that’s how we liked to say to ourselves. I love you dad . #We do not tremble at death, we know that living is not just breathing

The 43-year-old actor participated in the reality show "Traveling with the Derbez", and soon after he separated from Aislinn (Photo: Mauricio Ochmann's Instagram)
The 43-year-old actor participated in the reality show “#On a trip with the #Derbez”, and soon after he separated from #Aislinn (#Photo: #Mauricio #Ochmann’s #Instagram)

A couple of years ago #Mauricio #Ochmann revealed in the #Don #Francisco program, in the #United #States, that when he was two years old, the deceased and his then wife #María divorced, and he stayed to live with his adoptive mother. #Some time later they moved to #Mexico because #María married for the second time, this time with a #German man named #Thomas #Ochmann, who became his second adoptive father and also gave him his last name.

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#As the years went by, #Mauricio never lost contact with #Guillermo, so now he sadly mourns the loss of the man who, although he did not share his blood, did make him happy with a special bond.

Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez continue to have a good relationship and divide to take care of their daughter Kailani (IG: mauochmann)
#Mauricio #Ochmann and #Aislinn #Derbez continue to have a good relationship and divide to take care of their daughter #Kailani (IG: mauochmann)

#To the moving farewell of the actor’s father were added the comments of his followers and some celebrities, who expressed their condolences and offered him words of encouragement to face the loss that happens a few days before the end of 2020, the year in which the panorama The world changed abruptly with the onset of the health crisis.

#And although #Ochmann did not give more information about the cause of #Don #Guillermo’s death, there was no lack in his comment box who questioned him if the man died of COVID-19. #On the other hand, it has come to attention that neither #Asilinn nor has any member of the #Derbez family offered their condolences or any message of encouragement at the time of writing this note. post, and it is that it is speculated that the father of little #Kailani did not remain on good terms with the family of his ex-wife, despite the fact that he and the eldest daughter of #Eugenio #Derbez have insisted in front of the press that they have a good relationship for him. good of the daughter that they procreated in common.


“We are going to be a family all our lives”: #Mauricio #Ochmann talks about his relationship with his ex, #Aislinn #Derbez

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“#He left us, not us him”: #Eugenio #Derbez joked about #Mauricio #Ochmann’s absence in “#On a trip with the #Derbez 2”

The uncomfortable moment when #Aislinn #Derbez was caught with a mysterious companion with whom she is romantically related

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