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Nobody with COVID-19 among concert goers in Barcelona

BARCELONA (AP) – #Organizers of an indoor music festival in #Barcelona that tested the effectiveness of detecting the coronavirus on the same day said #Wednesday there were no transmissions inside the building, according to preliminary results.

The results were released two weeks after 1,000 music lovers volunteered to participate in the experiment. #After conducting an antigen test on site, around 500 people were randomly selected to enter the concert hall. The other 500 were sent home and used as a control group.

#All participants were called in for a second test eight days later. The results showed no infections among the 463 attendees who complied with the second round of tests, while in the control group of 496 people who did not enter the auditorium there were two positive cases.

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The attendees wore masks inside the concert, but they did dance and sing.

The experiment was organized by the #Barcelona #Foundation against AIDS and #Infectious #Diseases, together with the #Primavera #Sound music festival.

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#COVID19 #among #concert #goers ##Barcelona

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