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Doctor accused of managing COVID-19 vaccine for his family leaves office

#It is not the only complaint

#Since last week, there have been protests from doctors who accuse non-front-line personnel receiving the vaccine. #In the #Hospital de #La #Raza, of the IMSS, professionals indicated that the dose had been applied to a manager of the institution. #In this regard, #Zoé #Robledo, director of the IMSS, confirmed what happened and explained that she met the criteria. #Meanwhile in #Coahuila, there have also been reports that officials have got in line to get vaccinated.

#This same #Wednesday the head of government, #Claudia #Sheinbaum, announced that she also has reports that in the capital there are members of the #Unique #Union of #Workers of the #Government of #Mexico #City who have wanted to “sneak in line” to get the COVID-19 vaccine, without being health personnel.

#He warned that his government will not allow this type of act and announced that in the cases that have already been reported, he has requested to know the names and surnames of these people so that the corresponding administrative and criminal sanctions are immediately applied.

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“I have instructed the #Ministry of #Health to know the names and immediately apply administrative sanctions and I have directly asked the #Attorney #General of #Mexico #City to give the maximum punishment that must be given for a criminal issue” said the head of government in videoconference in the morning.

#Sheinbaum stressed that under no circumstances will a union section leader or a union commissioner who is not on the front lines against COVID-19 be allowed to generate any influence or by any means want to enter the vaccination list.

The head of government also launched a call to health personnel that in case these types of circumstances are detected, they are denounced either through a direct message to their #Twitter account.

#In #Mexico, the vaccination plan includes phases for priority groups, which begins with the medical personnel who are at the forefront of the battle, followed by older adults, who would begin to be vaccinated in #January, with the arrival of new substances from #Pfizer. according to the federal government program, 1.3 million #Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines are expected to arrive in the first month of 2021, and that throughout the year more arrive. #He explained that experts recommended vaccinating health personnel first because they are the ones who are saving lives and then older adults because this way 80% of mortality is avoided.

The general director of the IMSS, #Zoé #Robledo, also spoke about these cases and called to avoid influentialism in the application of vaccines.

“We must ensure that no one skips the line; that there are no gandallas; that there is no influentialism. #Some complaints have already arrived and we are investigating them… #Let it be clear, no one other than health personnel treating COVID-19 in the first line should be vaccinated in this first stage, ”#Robledo declared at a press conference.

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