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what platforms to use to make video calls

#It is #New #Years 2020 it will be completely different because of the COVID-19 pandemic that is being lived and so that you do not stop seeing your loved ones from a distance, #We recommend some platforms to make video calls.


#Google offers a wide variety of video calling services that you can take advantage of to get closer to your family.

#Google #Duo: to make individual and group calls with up to 32 participants from any mobile device by downloading the application available for #Android and iOS.

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#Google #Hangouts: #It is #Google messaging, voice and video calling service allows you to be in communication with up to 10 people at the same time from any device.

#Google #Meet: allows videoconferences of up to 60 minutes with 100 participants just by having an email account in #Gmail, where you can access from the website or from the application.


#This video call service allows you to make free meetings with 100 participants of up to 40 minutes each and its payment service can be up to 500 people.

#It also has the option of screen sharing and can be used on both cell phones and desktop computers.


#Skype #It’s one of the video communication services offered by #Microsoft #Inc. The platform offers free calls with up to 24 people simultaneously and without time limit. #It can be used on desktop computers, laptops, cell phones or tablets.


The famous instant messaging application allows you to make video calls with up to six people at the same time and is #Available free for #Android and iOS operating systems.

#Messenger #Rooms

#Facebook offers its own video conferencing service that allows connection with up to 50 persons without having to leave the social network and even with people who do not have a #Facebook account.


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The video calls offered by #Instagram have a maximum of six people in conversation and the fun is that you can use the filters and effects in real time that usually offers the app.

#Telmex videoconference

#Makes #Private, secure and time-limited meetings with up to 200 people simultaneously. #Telmex videoconferencing can be used from a computer or a cell phone.

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