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Ben Roethlisberger Sees Physical, Mental Strides In Mason Rudolph Since Last Season

#Are fans more annoyed when somebody speaks poorly of a player or coach they value highly, or the opposite: when somebody speaks highly of a player or coach about whom they have a negative opinion? I really don’t know, but I would imagine that it’s close. #Perhaps this article will be telling.

The #Pittsburgh #Steelers are gearing up to start #Mason #Rudolph at quarterback for the regular season finale, a game in which head coach #Mike #Tomlin has determined that it is in the team’s greater interests to rest key starters than to have them play the game.

#Suffice it to say that the last time #Rudolph started a game last year, things could have gone better. #He was coming off of an awful four-interception game, and then was benched after the first drive of the third quarter as he continued to struggle.

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The was just a second-year quarterback at that point with no prior in-game experience. #But he got plenty of experience last year. #Now he has the opportunity to show everybody what we haven’t been able to see: how he has grown from last season. #This was an especially difficult task with no preseason, but #Ben #Roethlisberger has seen it.

“I think he has gotten better. #He has gotten better every year in terms of understanding and knowing the offense, reads, throws”, he told reporters yesterday about his backup. “He’s physically gifted, we know that. #He’s smart. #We know he can make all the throws and do things, but even the ways that I have seen it are in game”.

#One area in which he has noted that #Rudolph has shown to him how he has improved is in the between-series conversations that he has had with the young quarterback. #He noted that he routinely talks with offensive coordinator #Randy #Fichtner and quarterbacks coach #Matt #Canada, as well as quarterback #Joshua #Dobbs, who has been in the league longer, but #Rudolph is in there as well.

“Mason has gotten to the point, especially in the last few weeks, where he is chiming in with thoughts and plays that, ‘hey #Ben, what about this, or what about this?’”, he said. “I think that shows growth and maturity of a guy that understands the offense and kind of what we are trying to do on a week-to-week basis. I think that’s been really, really good”.

#This isn’t actually incredibly new for him. #Last year, #Rudolph actually told reporters that one way in which #Tomlin was able to keep him engaged in the game and in the learning process while he was the third-string quarterback was essentially to be willing to listen to his thoughts and ideas, and he’s never stopped since then.

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##Ben ##Roethlisberger ##Sees ##Physical ##Mental ##Strides ##Mason ##Rudolph ##Season

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