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“You don’t need my approval”: Mauricio Ochmann reacted to Aislinn Derbez’s supposed new romance

(#Photo: #Instagram by #Mauricio #Ochmann and #Aislinn #Derbez)

A few days before the end of this 2020, actor #Mauricio #Ochmann accepted that his ex-partner #Aislinn #Derbez is free to rebuild his life and explained why he will no longer appear in the second season of the famous family’s reality show, #Traveling with the #Derbez.

#Although both actors decided to divorce a few months ago, they made it clear that they will continue to be united as a family for the well-being of the daughter they procreated together, #Kailani, so it is normal to see them in meetings or weekend walks and even talking smoothly about the other’s love life.

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The actor, who recently faced the death of his father, opened up about his love situation and that of the mother of his youngest daughter, stating that you do not need to consent to new relationships.

“#To get started, #Ais doesn’t need my approval. #Ais has every right to rebuild her life at the time you want to do it and it will be the moment you decide, ”he said in an interview with the #Telemundo program, #Tell me what you know.

Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez continue to have a good relationship and divide to take care of their daughter Kailani (IG: mauochmann)
#Mauricio #Ochmann and #Aislinn #Derbez continue to have a good relationship and divide to take care of their daughter #Kailani (IG: mauochmann)

#And he even spoke about how his heart is after his romantic breakup and the year complicated by the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“#In self-love and enjoying my daughters a lot”, #He said forcefully after denying that he has a new partner and disapproving that he is related to his different co-stars, as at the time happened with the actress #Sandra #Echeverría.

#Ochmann also explained that after his separation from the famous #Mexican clan his participation in the #Amazon #Prime #Video reality show was not necessary, #Traveling with the #Derbez.

“No, well no. #Nothing to see anymore, have a good time and everything “, #He accepted with laughter and denied that he had left the family as his ex-boyfriend, #Eugenio #Derbez, affirmed a few months ago.

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#She also denied that #Aislinn #Derbez limited her projects due to jealousy during her marriage: “No, they are pure gossip. #We always had a very good understanding in that part ”.

(Photo: Instagram)
(#Photo: #Instagram)

The actors seemed to be one of the strongest couples in the world of entertainment but in #March of this year they surprised everyone when they announced a fracture in their relationship #And although at the beginning they said it could be temporary, as the months progressed it became known that everything had been said and each one would walk by their side, but always remaining as a family for the well-being of little #Kailani.

“#We decided for some time to strengthen the friendship relationship and stop the couple relationship”, the actors explained in a statement they published from their social networks.

#Since then they have been seen focused on their work projects, but without neglecting the development of the daughter they have in common, so they even tend to celebrate certain dates together or spend time together on weekends.

#But the breakup was not the only obstacle #Mauricio #Ochmann had to face this year and it is that just yesterday he shared with his followers the pain of having lost #Don #Guillermo, the man who adopted him when he was abandoned by his biological parents. whom he fired with an emotional message through his #Instagram account.

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“Two days ago my first adoptive father left, a very special being for me, a being who #He was a great teacher and filled me with life teachings throughout his stay on this earthly plane. #Yesterday I had to see him for the last time before cremating him, when I saw him physically he was no longer there in that inert body, but his presence was next to me, hugging me as he always did, those bear hugs he gave me since the day he adopted me ”, wrote at the beginning of his message.

The actor fired his first adoptive father with an emotional message (Photo: Mauricio Ochmann's Instagram)
The actor fired his first adoptive father with an emotional message (#Photo: #Mauricio #Ochmann’s #Instagram)

“We had a very peculiar and very ours story from the moment I came into his life until the day of his departure, but above all we had a very deep, special and loving connection! #Sad yesterday, facing the pain of his departure, sitting on a log on the seashore contemplating its immensity accompanied by its ashes, suddenly a peace intoxicated me and it was a true honor to say goodbye to him on this new journey that he undertook ”, he added alongside from a photograph of his childhood.

“Fly and fly high, my dear teacher, that’s how we liked to say to ourselves. I love you dad ”, concluded the 43-year-old actor.


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