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Luz Elena Gonzlez narrates the pain she feels when suffering from coronavirus

#Through their social networks, #Light #Elena #Gonzlez revealed how he experienced the coronavirus and how the disease was damaging his body.

#In addition to this, the actress revealed that she was able to identify the way in which the #Covid-19, so he was able to take the necessary hygiene measures.

I wanted to tell you that I have covid. I was infected in my house by one of the people from the domestic service. #She arrived sick and did not warn that she was feeling bad. #Two days later we realized it and unfortunately in those two days it was contagious to another person, to two other people from the house staff, and those people from the house staff infected me, he commented.

#In addition to her, at her house infected their inlaws, so he regretted the performance of his employee and of people who do not follow the protocols against the pandemic recommended by the authorities.

They infected my in-laws, that we see them, we out of care and it turns out that due to the carelessness of a person, because due to the lack of awareness of not giving notice at work you know that I am wrong, I have a little flu because we do not know what to be. #Unfortunately, it infected several people because those people that it infected also in turn did it with their families, then a chain of horrible contagion was made … it is very dangerous, he commented.

The disease has hurt

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The actress #He further assured that the symptoms he has faced are complicated, because he has faced almost all the signs that occur during transmission of this shore.

The truth is that I already go on the sixth day. I have not felt good at all, I did touch myself a little hard because I have had all the symptoms, except temperature. I lost my sense of smell, I lost my taste, I sweated a lot. The clothes were wet with so much sweat, the bed, the body pain is horrible, it’s super strong. I’ve never felt anything like this pain. #Three days and two whole nights that I couldn’t sleep from the pain …

The conductive 46-year-old, confirmed that his family is well, as apparently none were infected with the virus; however, he stressed that continuing in quarantine to avoid transmitting the virus someone else.

I isolate myself as soon as possible, we all isolate ourselves a lot. #Thank #God my children and my husband are not infected, and the person who helps us here at work also does not, thank #God, the one who is here with us here in #Acapulco. .., he concluded.

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