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Solari, 11 years ago – Felipe Morales

#Santiago #Solari thinks what he says. #He doesn’t say everything he thinks. #For this reason, he has stood out as a writer. #Because he reads a lot. #Not that that makes him a better coach, but it did make him a better footballer, because from the anticipation and understanding of the contexts, the more you know, the better it is resolved.

#Eleven years ago, at #José #Antonio #García’s house, I did an interview with him that drew concepts in that spectrum of reflection, so far removed from the average footballer, who works to play or who understands soccer as a hobby with the goals of premature millionaires.

#For this reason, from his condition of intellectual of the ball, both in those times in which he was dressed in the #Atlante shirt, #Santi did not prioritize the economic. #That time, he was able to win three more times in #Dubai, #Turkey or #Portugal. #This time, he also adjusted to the budget of #America and what his predecessor of the azulcrema bench, #Miguel #Herrera, perceived. #Rich thing.

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“The economic always has its fair value. I’ve been lucky to always make my choices not on the basis of money. I do not remember that I have moved from one place to another for the economic thing, ”he said when he was 32 years old, in that garden of #Pedregal.

#Since that distant #July 22, 2009, he asked that he not be called ‘#Indiecito’. “#We could remove it,” he warned, uncomfortable. Then, he spun fine when he shared his visions, which he already implemented when he was coach of #Real #Madrid, with a 70% effectiveness.

“I don’t know how success is achieved with a conglomeration of names; besides, you have to win titles ”. #That’s why #Solari left #Madrid. #Because that average in a points competition is insufficient, although it is accessible in a tournament in which 12 qualify, like the #Mexican one, for example. #Although there is a rush of judgment before his unexpected arrival.

#Las Águilas, accustomed to spotlights and brilliant footballers, today live the weakness of the change of generation. #In a game of men and not of names, #Santiago reflected in those days like this, in the face of excess talent. #Or scarcity, like the one you will find in #Coapa.

The Argentine since then had clear concepts

“I am convinced that the individual comes from the collective. There is no way you can do well on that plane if the team does poorly. #Also, what a sad way for you to do well! They are connected ”.

#What if. #América has been an exercise for solos and not for choirs, which lately resolved from individual improvisation and not from the global alignment of resources.

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#With that calm with which he serves a tea and shakes the bag, #Solari already diagrams what he wanted on the bench, even as a footballer.

#In this way, he finds certain demands natural, which he has encountered in his career as a player and as a coach. #And that it will also capote it in #Coapa, where there are not many references. “Being a leader is one of those things that you don’t propose. They are not the result of a previous reflection ”.

#Relative of #Fernando #Redondo, married to his first cousin, #Solari always understood two-touch soccer, as an equalizer, as a valve. #Just like #Fernando. #Those nuances traced in #Madrid want to be landed in #Mexico, where he has already lived as a child and as an adult.

The talk with the then Atlantean player

“I have many memories. I lived in #Guadalajara and #Toluca, then in #Celaya, I have gone to school here, that is, I am immersed in this culture ”.

“I am a normal, calm guy. I like music, cinema and reading ”. #And since eleven years ago, it was known that that does not make you a better coach. #But it does bring you closer to being, like now.

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Then the ball bounces anywhere. #But when that happens, #Solari will find him a reason …

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